Get a load of this deer laying a huge truck-stick hit on an unsuspecting human

What you see in the video above happened on April 1st, but it’s no joke.

That’s a deer laying some serious smackdown on a very unfortunate human man outside of a hotel in Smithers, British Columbia. As soon as that dude stepped out of his truck near the front entrance, the deer laid a vicious truck-stick on him.

And just like that, the deer was gone. A hit and run, if you will.

“How is this sports, FOX Sports?” you may be asking. If such is the case, I would recommend studying that brilliant tackle performed by the deer. Between this incident and the cross-country runner that was annihilated by a deer last year, it seems that we’re underestimating the athletic abilities of deer.

Plenty of NFL teams could use that kind of tenacity and aggressiveness in the open field. You think teams are gonna feel comfortable sending guys across the middle knowing that HGH Bambi is lined up at safety and champing at the bit to throw a devastating hit on anyone in its vicinity?

Then again, this deer is from Canada, so maybe it has its eyes set on the NHL instead. Unfortunately, pure enforcers are being phased out of the game, so hopefully he has some legitimate hockey skills to go with that violent nature.