Genius Eagles fan recycles old DeSean Jackson jersey in brilliant way

I have a rule: when I buy NFL gear I never buy individual player jerseys, I always go with team stuff. Why? For one, football is the ultimate team game. No one player can have an impact on the game the way a guy in basketball or baseball can, for instance. Mostly though I just don’t want to get stuck with a jersey for a guy when he gets traded to another team.

For example, Philadelphia Eagles fans who have bought DeSean Jackson jerseys in recent years now have quite a conundrum on their hands. They may not have anything against D-Jax himself, but you just can’t sport a guy’s jersey when he’s playing for a division rival. But there’s a solution.

This next photo shows how one fan found a brilliant way to recycle their old DeSean Jackson jersey. With a few small modifications they were able to turn it into a Jeremy Maclin one:

No one will ever be the wiser. Brilliant. Even still, I have to say that I think this guy has him beat:


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