Genie Bouchard says she’ll go on a second date with Twitter fan

It turns out the guy who won a Super Bowl bet with tennis star (and SI Swimsuit model) Genie Bouchard and went on a date with her is normal, and handsome. He’s handsome and normal enough for Genie to agree to a second date, apparently. 

Genie and 20-year-old Mizzou student John Goehrke went to the Nets-Bucks game on Wednesday night and were ambushed by a TMZ cameraman on the way out of the arena. Poor John looked like a deer in the headlights as the guy peppered them with questions, but he must have liked Bouchard’s answer to the last one. 

“Do you guys think they’ll be a second date?” he asked. 

“For sure,” Bouchard replied.

Does the WTA have any tour stops in Missouri?

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