Gasol can’t even enjoy ‘Lion King’ without hearing trade rumors

Pau Gasol can't catch a break -- even at the theater.

By now, Pau Gasol is probably used to the rumors that a trade from the Los Angeles Lakers is imminent, but it’s kind of sad that the poor guy still can’t even get through a performance of "The Lion King" without hearing that he’s been traded.

It may sound silly, but that’s exactly what happened, according to the Los Angeles Daily News, which reported that Gasol checked his Twitter during intermission of a performance of the play in Hollywood on Saturday to find that he had reportedly been dealt to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for Andrew Bynum.

“I was getting all these messages, ‘Farewell, Pau. Thanks for all your services,’ all that stuff,” Gasol told the paper. “I guess it’s good to get a heads-up a day before. Most guys don’t get that.”

As it turned out, Gasol was not traded, and Bynum was later dealt to Chicago in exchange for Luol Deng. But Gasol realizes it’s probably not the last time he’ll hear his name discussed in the final few weeks before the NBA’s trade deadline.

“There will be other rumors and potential trades coming up, but I can’t really worry about it,” Gasol told the Daily News. “I just need to continue what I’ve been doing, which is come in and be ready to play. … It feels good to survive and live to fight another day. I’d like to continue to be here. But that’s not up to me.”

As for the second act of the show?

“It was a really good musical,” Gasol said, according to ESPN LA. “I enjoyed it. I brought my parents and my little brother. It was a nice family time.”

Or, in the words of the immortal Pumbaa: “Hakuna matata.”

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