Gabrielle Union to NBA: Suspend Harden or reimburse D-Wade

Dwyane Wade's wife, Gabrielle Union, has some strong thoughts on James Harden's recent behavior.

Alexander Tamargo/WireImage

Gabrielle Union wants justice.

Dwyane Wade’s wife took to Twitter on Monday to share her thoughts on James Harden kicking LeBron James in a sensitive area during Sunday’s Rockets-Cavaliers game.

The actress still remembers when her husband was suspended and fined for a similar infraction against then-Bobcats player Ramon Sessions in 2012, so she wants Harden to get a timeout, as well.

Regardless of whether Union has a point, you have to give her credit for throwing in a shot at Roger Goodell.

Of course, not everyone felt that way. Union quickly got some nasty replies, so she challenged those tweeters to meet her behind a convenience store.