Foul ball crash lands in crotch of Packers fan at Royals game

Close call. 

A man attending last night’s Royals-Indians tilt at Kauffman Stadium unwittingly traded his camera for a souvenir foul ball for the youngster with him (I’ll guess his son).

With a full count in the top of the seventh inning, Indians outfielder Ryan Raburn sent a Danny Duffy pitching flying high behind home plate. The ball sailed over the netting and crash landed in the lap of a man wearing a Packers shirt; specifically, the ball hit the camera the man was holding in his hand near his legs.

The camera took a beating but appears largely intact after the collision. Adhering to "dad style," the guy was wearing a clip-on cell phone case and what looks like another case for his camera, yet no fanny pack that might have ultimately saved him if the ball had landed one foot in the other direction. 

The kid thought it was all hysterical and the man appeared in good spirits as well, probably in large part because he did not get hammered in the groin. Also, his son got the ball, making for a happy ending.