Former Northern Kentucky AD gets 10 years in gift card scam

Former Northern Kentucky AD Scott Eaton ripped off more than $260K in Kroger gift cards.

RacingOne/ISC Archives via Getty Images

Bizarre, or, maybe not so, times in Kentucky.

First, there is the case of the alleged perp wanted after being accused of robbing a bank in Ludlow. Not only was he wearing a University of Kentucky cap, but he also is reported to have large UK tattoos on his back that read "I Bleed Blue," according to

That brings us to the second curious case. The former AD at the University of Northern Kentucky, Scott Eaton, received a 10-year prison sentence for ripping off more than $300,000 from the school.

The strange aspect of the crime? More than $260,000 of the stolen goods were in the form of Kroger gift cards, which Eaton used.

In addition to the 10-year sentence, Eaton will have to repay the school. He had been suspended from his $139,000-plus a year job.