Footrace between 99-year-old and 92-year-old ends in electrifying photo finish

It was a nonagenarian race for the ages — a 60-meter dash between a 99-year-old and a 92-year-old at the USATF Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Feb. 18.

Young upstart Dixon Hemphill, a 92-year-old retired businessman from Virginia, took a considerable lead from the get-go.

But his competitor, 99-year-old Orville Rogers, was not to be deterred. The former World War II vet and pilot no doubt used his hard-earned wisdom to catch up to his running rival …

… and take over his younger competitor in a thrilling photo finish. Rogers finished in 18 seconds. Hemphill: 18.05 seconds.

According to Runner’s World, this is Rogers’ fourth straight USATF Indoor Championship 60-meter race win over Hemphill.

“I think had I leaned a little bit, I would have won,” Hemphill told Runner’s World after the race.

There’s always next year.