Floyd Mayweather says he made $75K betting on UConn

Floyd Mayweather Jr. doesn’t shy away from betting big on sports. 

And the University of Connecticut’s men’s basketball team apparently has been very good to him over the past few days.

According to the boxer’s Twitter post, he won more than $75,000 betting in favor of the Huskies.

It’s not the first time Mayweather has boasted about his betting successes online. And sometimes the Internet likes to make up brags for him, like his $10.4 million loss betting on the Broncos to win the Super Bowl, which never happened.

Two years ago, Grantland added up the numbers of Mayweather’s tweeted betting slips (all winners, of course) between August 2010 and February 2012 and found his winnings to be $3.8 million. Who knows what his losses total, since Mayweather claims he’s always a winner.