Florida State walked past a Joe’s Crab Shack because of course

Jameis Winston and the Florida State football team had a special moment Wednesday in Louisville.

Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

The Florida State football team is in Louisville preparing for its game Thursday night against Cardinals.

So where did the team choose to practice Wednesday?

In a public park. No bid deal, right?

Well then the team took a stroll after practice and walked past this: 

Yup, that sure is a Joe’s Crab Shack. For any other team, it wouldn’t mean all that much. But remember that time when FSU QB Jameis Winston got cited for shoplifting $32 worth of crab legs from a grocery store? 

And that’s what makes the above photo, courtesy of a photographer at Louisville’s The Voice-Tribune, something special.

Louisville Courier-Journal reporter Adam Himmelsbach was out for a run when he saw the team practicing. Here’s his take on how it all went down … and yes, it is awesome: 

There was quarterback Jameis Winston. There was coach Jimbo Fisher. And there were Florida State staff members, sort of guarding the perimeter so they wouldn’t be disturbed. A security guard asked me to step off the edge of the grass and onto the sidewalk, and I did.

Then I took out my phone to take a picture, and two FSU staff members started freaking out.

"No pictures!"

"Put that away!"

I calmly told them that this was a public park, and that anyone can take pictures at a public park. They told me they had reserved the field. I said that I wasn’t trying to use the field they had reserved. I was just taking a picture of it.

They told me to talk to the police, and then pointed me toward a Waterfront Park staff member, who was clearly not a policeman. I explained my situation to him, and he understood. He just asked that I stay back from the practice, and that was reasonable.

Thank you, Florida State. Thank you very much.