Fans + free baseballs = dangerous incidents; Alana Campos is Fox-y

Forget the economy, health insurance, global warming and homeland security. The biggest problem facing this country is that human beings can’t control themselves when it comes to getting a free ball that costs $20. Last night in Anaheim, one bro almost destroyed an elderly lady’s shoulder for the chance to catch a foul ball. In Cleveland, one fan cut in front of other people to catch a ball being thrown into the stands only to take it right off his face.

After repeatedly taking criticism about their size from Charles Barkley, the women of San Antonio wore "Barkley Don’t Know" T-shirts at last night’s Thunder-Spurs game. One of the ladies who participated in calling out Barkley was Tim Duncan’s girlfriend, Vanessa Macias.

Angels outfielder Mike Trout used Twitter to help one of his fans secure a prom date.

Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips made an incredible game-saving catch against the Phillies last night and then explained on Twitter after the game how he pulled it off.

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly appeared on Monday’s "Tonight Show" and was reunited with the mustache he rocked during his playing days in the ’80s.

When San Francisco 49ers rookies sign their new contracts, they use very fancy pens.

Patriots receiver Julian Edelman wore a T-shirt of a shirtless Rob Gronkowski yesterday.

The Charlotte Bobcats are officially done and the Charlotte Hornets are officially back.

Model Alana Campos gets today’s Fox-y Lady honors.

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