Watch an entire arena full of people lose their minds over Super Smash Bros

The fighting game event of the year came to a close Sunday in Las Vegas in a packed Mandalay Bay Events Center, and the finals of Super Smash Bros: Melee and Street Fighter V at Evo 2016 were absolutely thrilling.

In the Super Smash Bros: Melee grand final, Jigglypuff player Hungrybox emerged from the loser’s side of the bracket – just one death away from being eliminated – completed an epic comeback to force a final set against Armada. 

The crowd erupted when the bracket was reset

Hungrybox would go on to win an electric final set that came down to the very last stock.

Later in the Street Fighter V finals, lone American representative L.I. Joe beat Eita to advance, and his father’s reaction was priceless. 

In the grand finals, Infiltration became a two-time Evo champion by beating Fuudo.