Everybody take a knee — and help coach propose

And now here’s the latest guy to do his marriage proposal better than you ever could.

Justin Outten, offensive coordinator at Houston Westfield High, got his players into the act. He had them first stage a fake fight at practice, guessing correctly that if he told his girlfriend about the wild brawl he had endured, she would need to see the video.

When the brawling was over, they all took a knee. But it wasn’t to rest, it was help Outten propose. He whipped off his jacket, revealing a button-down shirt with a tie –€“ a great look with the coach’s shorts –€“ and he also took a knee, holding a sign with a message asking her to marry him.

And when she was done watching the video, Outten knelt again, this time holding an engagement ring. It took a little while to actually say yes, but she did. Now, watch it all unfold on video:

And in case you wanted to see the ring:

H/T Yahoo Sports