Ellen offers sneak peek at her groovy Super Bowl commercial

On her birthday show, Ellen DeGeneres gave her audience a first look at her full Super Bowl commercial for the Beats Music app.

During her talk show Thursday, the popular TV host debuted the ad — a Beats Music app promotion in which she shows off her well-known penchant for dancing. Sure, the surprise sneak peek came a few days early … but it just so happened to be DeGeneres’ birthday, so all bets were off.

"You’re really not supposed to see it until the Super Bowl, but it’s my birthday and my show, so I get to do what I want," she told her audience.

Well said!

The three-minute, fairy-tale-themed spot is a modern-day cross between "Goldilocks" and "Little Red Riding Hood." DeGeneres tries on a few different sets of Beats headphones until she finds the mix of music that’s "just right."

And, because Ellen is just that awesome, she also gave out free phones to her audience members afterward so they can all try the Beats Music app. Pretty cool move.

You can watch the ad below: