Coach K says he doesn’t dye his hair, buddies would ‘kill’ him if he did

Mike Krzyzewski is 67 years old but you wouldn’t know that by looking at his hair.


Because you can hardly spot a gray strand of hair, which is surprising given his age and his stressful job.

As we get ready for the NCAA tournament, Duke’s legendary coach broke some huge news over the weekend that will likely rock the college basketball world: He doesn’t dye his hair.

He revealed this important news after telling reporters that doctors last week told him he had the brain of a 20-year-old. The News-Observer’s Laura Keeley then followed up with a perfect question:

So when Duke spokesman Jon Jackson called out, "anything else?" I asked what I thought was an obvious inquiry.

"Did they tell you you have the hair of a 30-year-old?"

"I will tell you this – I do not color my hair," Krzyzewski said, after pausing and laughing, kind of. "I do not. Now, I’m losing my hair, which a lot of people do. But I do not color my hair. I don’t. That’s a myth. My buddies would kill me."

It’s good to know that Coach K has some good friends who get it.