Draymond Green isn’t sure Earth is round because he can take a curved photo

Kyrie Irving’s revelation that he believes Earth is flat has opened the floodgates, allowing other NBA players to reveal that they’re on his side. 

Wilson Chandler wrote on Twitter that he agrees and Draymond Green is at least willing to entertain the notion.

Green isn’t quite ready to come out and say he believes we’re living on a disc surrounded by ice, but he did say Saturday that “it may be flat.”

Why does he think that? Pictures of the Earth taken by NASA purporting to show the curvature of the earth might just be iPhone panoramas.

“Who’s to say that picture is telling the truth?” Green said. “I can make a round picture with my iPhone today, with the panorama camera and make it look round.”

The way to make All-Star games interesting is obviously to have players embrace pseudoscience. Oh, wait, baseball players already wear those stupid titanium necklaces

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