Watch: Donald Trump addresses Joe Flacco’s eliteness and Romo injury during #AskTrump

On Monday afternoon, GOP Presidential hopeful Donald Trump sat for the question-and-answer session #AskTrump during which he answered a handful of the mostly ridiculous, mocking questions lobbed at him.

One of the absurdities fielded by Trump, who once upon a time owned the New Jersey Generals in the now-defunct United States Football League, concerned whether Joe Flacco is an elite NFL quarterback.

Anyhow, here’s Trump weighing on the "issue":

Also during #AskTrump, the billionaire addressed the status of the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo, who suffered a broken clavicle during Sunday’s contest in Philadelphia.

Brady, Romo, Flacco. Trump should keep pushing and build an entire coalition of NFL QB backers. Not a bad strategy but Trump ought to steer clear of an endorsement from the not-so-popular Roger Goodell.

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