Does Ryan Howard listen to Nickelback?

Nickelback takes a pretty good beating on the Internet.

Sports fans especially like to mock the band.

Three years ago, there was even a petition to get the group removed as the halftime show for a Lions Thanksgiving game.

In Atlanta on Tuesday night, Braves fans taunted Phillies slugger Ryan Howard with signs that said he listens to Nickelback.

The first baseman couldn’t stand by while these accusations were hurled at him, so he addressed the matter.

"I mean, I’m not afraid to say that I diversify my musical portfolio," he told "I didn’t know they could see or hear what … how do they know I listen to Nickelback? I listen to everything. I don’€™t know if there’€™s a specific song by Nickelback (I listen to)."

Based on that answer, Howard totally seems like a closet fan. Just sayin’.