Immediately improve your day by watching Dirk Nowitzki play baseball

This behind-the-scenes video of Dirk Nowitzki’s annual Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game contains everything I never knew I wanted to watch today. 

Grantland turned up video of the seven-footer’s 2014 charity game (more on the charities here) in June that turned out a full complement of Dallas athletes and celebrities including Tony Romo (who coached), Jason Witten, Dez Bryant, Michael Young, Jason Terry, Chandler Parsons and more. 

Although the Rangers’ Yu Darvish stands a formidable six-foot-five, Nowitzki still appears like an absolute giant, wearing what must be refurbished Randy Johnson pants. 

The entire video is worth a watch, but it really picks up at about 1:50 when Dirk self-deprecatingly quips, "Alright, hide me!" when Romo announces that Nowitzki will play first base. You’ll also see Dirk take a cut, run the bases, attempt to bunt, and marvel at a player’s too-tight pants. 

[H/T Grantland]