Joseph Fauria on the infamous ankle injury, ‘Pitch Perfect,’ dancing celebrations and more

When Joseph Fauria scores a touchdown, a dance is always done.

Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

You can call him "Big Joe" or Joseph; just don’t call him Joe.

That’s one of the things Lions tight end Joseph Fauria revealed when he joined "The Buzz with Jimmy Traina" while eating Chipotle.

Fauria discussed his much-publicized ankle injury, which he suffered while chasing his dog, Lil’ Rufio, who was urinating in the house.

"Rufio is doing fine," Fauria said. "I don’t think he was aware of the situation. When I fell on the ground and was in agonizing pain, he came over and licked my face, so I don’t think I understood whole concept of the thing but he’s basking in it right now and his newfound popularity."

Fauria also added his two cents on former Lions coach and current Bills defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz getting carried off the field last Sunday after Buffalo beat Detroit.

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"It wasn’t the best way to carry yourself after a win for your team, but I guess it goes with Jim’s personality. He doesn’t like your casual handshake nor does he like your casual win."

The highlight of the podcast, though, might have been Fauria waxing poetic about "Pitch Perfect," which he called his "favorite film of all time."

"Every musical number, I find myself getting chills and singing along with it, enjoying my red wine and watching this great film, this great movie that I’m surprised isn’t nominated for more Oscars."

We also talked about Fauria’s famous touchdown dances and his philosophy for the celebrations.

"As soon as someone does a dance, I immediately scratch it off the list. I try to be original. I will do no ‘Shmoney Dance.’ I will do no Ric Flair. I will do nothing of that sort. I will do my own thing."

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes or your mp3 player.