Derek Jeter is a Rick Roller

Derek Jeter: Prankster.

Tiffany Rose

First, he hustles President Obama on the golf course, and now this.

Retired Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter has often said he’s not a big fan of social media, so it was pretty shocking when he revealed that he had opened a Twitter account in a new Q&A he published for his website, The Players’ Tribune.

However, Jeter decided to pull a fast one on his readers by going all 2008 on them.

At the very bottom of the mailbag, he says, "I haven’t been active on social media, but I actually just got a Twitter. Check it out."

The kicker is that the link provided does not go a Derek Jeter Twitter page. Instead, fans were treated to this:

As for the rest of the Q&A, the very guarded future Hall of Famer wouldn’t weigh in on the Meek Mill-Drake feud, but he did declare that he is not a fan of cilantro.