Fan writes ridiculous letter to Broncos’ Mathis about wearing hat backwards

Unintelligent skateboarder? Drug pusher? What does that hat say about Evan Mathis?

John Leyba/Denver Post via Getty Images

Evan Mathis has only been with the Broncos for a week, but he’s already getting feedback from fans.

One elderly individual wrote the offensive lineman a letter — yes, an actual letter, not an email or a tweet — to plead with him to stop wearing his hat backwards.

Fortunately for us, Mathis shared the wacky letter on Twitter, so we were treated to the man’s logic for his request.

After referring to Peyton Manning as "Mr. Manning" in the opening paragraph, the man quickly got to his point:

"As an old geezer (I’m in my 8th decade of life) I have one request. Please sir… set a better example to my young, male offspring and cease wearing your baseball cap on backwards."