Daily Buzz: Tiger’s beef with former caddy comes to a boil

Tiger Woods (right) and his former caddie Steve Williams aren't seeing eye to eye.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Just when you thought the drama between Tiger Woods and his former caddy Steve Williams was a thing in the past, Williams brought the simmering feud back up to a boil with some recent comments made to FOX Sports Australia. 

In an appearance on "The Golf Show" Tuesday night, Williams said he and his former boss still have some issues to work through, despite previously indicating that everything is hunky-dory between the pair.

"I haven’t sorted anything out with him," Williams said, according to the New Zealand Herald. "There’s been a lot of … this, that and the other … but the hatchet hasn’t been buried.

"It’s just personal things and a difference of opinions on how things went down … and I need to sort that out with him." 

Williams, who is now on the bag for world No. 2 and 2013 Masters champion Adam Scott, also took a shot at the world No. 1 Woods’ dwindling mental edge on the course in the five-plus years since his last major championship.

"Guys are coming along … and they expect to win [because Tiger] has no intimidation factor anymore," Williams said. "I always felt that was a big thing that guys were intimidated by him … [but] there’s no intimidation factor any more, and that counts a lot."

One can’t help but feel like Williams is kicking Tiger while he’s down —€” if $8.5 million in earnings in just 16 events last year is "down" — but Woods knows as well as anyone that another major win will be more than enough to keep Williams at bay. The first round of the Masters begins April 10.

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