Daily Buzz: Roddy White offered season tickets if Mercer beat Duke. Uh…

Lord have Mercer: Does Roddy White make good on his season-ticket bet? 

Marc Serota/Getty Images

A Duke loss in the NCAA Tournament could be the single most unifying (almost) annual event in American culture. Unlike the Yankees or Notre Dame or the Cowboys, the Duke basketball team always participates in a postseason event everyone watches. And when Duke loses, there is an eruption of national joy. All upsets are fun, of course, but it seems people experience a particular schadenfreude for Duke’€™s pain.

In most cases, this is fleeting and petty, and usually counterproductive, as most of the people celebrating Duke’€™s failure are also people who had Duke winning in their brackets.

But Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White is not such a person. He picked Duke to beat Mercer and, indeed, to win the whole thing. His heart was in it, see, and this is what got him into trouble.

Two days ago, a guy named Dylan Hoyt popped off to White on Twitter.

White was feeling confident, spry, competitive. He offered Hoyt completely one-sided bet.

And by now you know what happened. Mercer stunned Duke on Friday, and White started getting it from all those people who love watching Duke lose so much, including teammate Harry Douglas.

This left the matter of the unsettled "bet" (is it still a bet if only one side put anything up?). White isn’€™t going to honor his word to the letter, but I’€™m guessing Hoyt isn’€™t upset with the compromise. 

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