Daily Buzz: Filming ‘Entourage’ has had its athletic setbacks

The list of famous sports figures making guest appearances in the upcoming Entourage movie is impressive, but the cameos haven’t come without complications.

For starters, Tom Brady wore this get-up on set — which, I mean, really with the glasses? — and then last week, another visit by a Super Bowl-winning quarterback left one of the movie’s stars with a broken leg.

According to Deadline, Kevin Connolly broke his left leg in two places on Friday while playing football on the set with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. The site reports that the injury occurred with cameras rolling, but Connolly, who plays Eric “E.” Murphy on the show, seemed to be in good spirits later Friday evening:

On Monday, Wilson posted the picture to his Instagram account with the caption: “My man @kconnolly88 banged up after Running a perfect post route. When he gets healthy watch out Wes Welker! #ARealHeartGuy #WhiteLightning”

Connolly’s ordeal certainly sounds painful but if you’re worried that the injury will put the long-awaited film on hold, fear not.

According to Deadline, Connolly — who made the catch on the play in question — iced his leg and returned to film the next scene shortly thereafter, and production of the film, set to be released on June 12, 2015, has not been delayed.

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