Daily Buzz: Blimpin’ ain’t easy

The MetLife blimp won't make it to MetLife Stadium for the Super Bowl because it's just the wrong time of year.

Blimpin’ ain’t easy when the weather doesn’t cooperate, and as a result, fans will have to watch the Super Bowl this weekend without the benefit of aerial coverage.

That’s according to Newsday, which reports that blimps won’t be floating around Sunday’s game between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks because the weather makes them too difficult –” and potentially dangerous — to fly.

"The concern really is freezing rain and snow and its accumulation on the airship," Goodyear spokesman Doug Grassian told the paper. "The additional weight can significantly change the flight characteristics of the airship and creates an unsafe scenario."

The absence of the familiar aircraft at MetLife Stadium will be especially tough to swallow for MetLife itself, which is one of the major players in the blimp game. But an official from the company told Newsday that it has known it wouldn’t have a blimp at the New York area’€™s first Super Bowl since the game was announced.

"€œIt’€™s all the stuff that surrounds cold weather, the conditions that happen to make snow, ice, even rain," MetLife spokesman Shane Winn said. "€œAll of those things add to the risk of flying because they can add considerable weight to the airships. It makes flights treacherous."

In fact, MetLife’€™s blimps aren’€™t even in town, so even a dramatic change in the weather wouldn’™t alter the company’€™s plans to enjoy the Super Bowl without them.

"€œThey’€™re not up here,"€ Winn told Newsday. "€œIf MetLife could put its blimp up in the air here during Super Bowl week here in New York and New Jersey, we would do it."

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