Report: Botched Air Jordans sale results in teen’s severed arm, attempted murder charge

An apparent Craigslist deal gone wrong over a pair of Air Jordans has reportedly resulted in a severed arm for a Brooklyn teen, and attempted murder charges for a 39-year-old man.

According to PIX11, robbery victim Philip Pierre, 39, was arrested and charged with attempted murder on Friday. On the same day, 17-year-old Zachary Sam was also arrested and charged with robbery and criminal possession of a weapon.


Sam allegedly reached out to Pierre, who was trying to sell a pair of Air Jordans, via Craigslist on Friday. Upon meeting early in the afternoon in Canarsie, Brooklyn, police sources said the teen climbed into Pierre’s SUV, pulled out a gun, took the Jordan Retro 8 sneakers and began leaving the scene.

That’s when the alleged robbery victim apparently turned vigilante, reportedly making a U-turn and running down Sam, pinning him so hard agaist a fence that the robber’s arm was "completely" severed.

The chase continued, police spurces told PIX11, as the wounded teen fled onto a nearby bus and allegedly demanded a MetroCard for fare. Pierre reportedly followed, pulling Sam from the bus, before Sam shook loose once more. The teenager then apparently ran home and was caught by police after he’d collapsed outside his residence.

According to the report, the boy was hospitalized and underwent surgery to reattach the arm, and was listed in criticial, but stable condition.