Cowboy Cerrone’s vicious TKO of Rick Story gets Super Saiyan treatment

After taking over his welterweight fight against Rick Story at UFC 202, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone landed a vicious combination that earned him a TKO victory in Round 2. Cerrone even surprised Story, whose strength is wrestling, with a takedown of his own.

But the real fireworks came when Cerrone delivered the devastating jab/body shot/left uppercut/right high kick combo that put Story away. It was one of the highlights of the night and it inspired Instagram user rayrod747 to create this pretty awesome Super Saiyan (from the Dragon Ball franchise) version of the strikes, showing Cerrone benefiting from freakish, rage-inflamed Saiyan power.

Not in animated form but Cerrone is actually crossing over entertainment in an upcoming Netflix series titled “Godless.”

“I got six episodes. Going to do cowboy (expletive),” Cerrone said. “I'm part of a gang, a train robbery gang. I'm excited. We start on the 12th.”