Colorado State head coach chides Denver mayor for botching his name

Rams coach Jim McElwain made sure Denver mayor Michael Hancock will not forget his name again.

A moment of celebration after Colorado State’s Rocky Mountain Showdown victory over Colorado on Friday turned really awkward when Denver mayor Michael Hancock messed up the name of the winning coach, Jim McElwain. 

The Rams prevailed 31-17 over the Boulder-based Buffaloes who are led by head coach Mike MacIntrye.

McElwain, MacIntyre, McInwhatever. Not quite. 

McElwain was not in an understanding or forgiving mood as Hancock stumbled through the trophy presentation. Watch the winning coach talk to the mayor like a kindergartener after the mayor’s fumble.

Still on Monday, McElwain showed disdain for the mayor’s goof. He told the Denver Post, which reported that the coach raised the subject himself. 

The sour coach and the mayor have since made up, apparently, over Twitter.

On a scale from 1 to calling your city’s four-time World Series winning manager Joe Torre Joe Torr-ez  (former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg did that in 2003), I think this actually falls closer to the 1 — innocent mistake.

No doubt a mistake he should not have committed, but, simmer down, coach. Agree, disagree?

[H/T Dr. Saturday]