Triple H on CM Punk: ‘He’s a weird cat’

According to HHH, communication was a big problem with CM Punk.

CM Punk may be part of the UFC now, but his departure from the WWE is still a hot topic.

The company’s COO and Vince McMahon’s son-in-law, Triple H, appeared on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast (also seen on the WWE Network) Monday night and gave his take on why Punk left and whether the superstar would eventually be welcomed back to the WWE.

As you’ll recall, Punk had some scathing things to say about the company, accusing them of poor health and medical attention and revealing that he was sent termination papers on his wedding day.

"I’ve never had a beef with him," Triple H told Austin. "I never have.

"We worked together, when he first did the thing where he walked out dropped the pipe bomb, and we did this storyline and the match was brought in, it was done for the right reasons. I think it was done to get us into him and get him more over. But the decisions that were made were Vince’s and were made to help him, and then they didn’t work out for whatever reason. … He held a grudge on that."

Triple H then added, "He’s a weird cat. I don’t mean that as a knock. I mean that as, he’s hard to get to know, he doesn’t talk, he doesn’t communicate well. I would hear from everybody in my role now as talent relations, ‘Oh, my God, he’s livid today, he’s quitting, he’s this, he’s that,’ and I’d go to him and ask what’s going on, and I’d get, ‘Nothing, everything’s fine.’ It’s tough."

When Austin asked whether Punk could return, Triple H said he would do what the fans wanted, before saying, "It’s my regret that we couldn’t get past all this stuff with him, but he didn’t want to be here anymore. If this wasn’t his passion anymore, then he shouldn’t be here. You can’t do this job if you don’t love it."

We await Punk’s response.