Mean tweets: Someone tell Kipnis to ‘stop eating & start hitting’

In a video that should make "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and "Major League" creators proud, the Cleveland Indians have produced a video showing players reading and responding to some genuinely harsh tweets directed at them.

Many of the haters fired some humorous stuff at the Indians (85-77 and third in the AL Central last year), and whoever directed the video did not pluck only the softball insults.  

Atchison is 39 so that rip is at least somewhere in the ballpark. The Indians even got "Major League" actor and Brewers radio play-by-play man Bob Uecker to make an appearance.

Bravo to the Indians for having such a good sense of humor. Kudos to the video director and Indians media team. Tip of the cap to Uecker. Chisenhall sucks.

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