Clemson’s Ben Boulware got a tattoo on his Achilles to stick it to Desmond Howard

Clemson linebacker Ben Boulware was a massive part of the team’s national championship run. He served as a captain was all over the field during the title game against Alabama. He’s a great player on a great defense, but a slight from ESPN’s Desmond Howard has apparently stuck in his mind. 

“I think their Achilles heel may be their linebackers,” Howard said. “They are good straight ahead, but as far as going east and west, sideline to sideline, Dalvin Cook turned the corner whenever he wanted to against that defense. I need to see the linebackers play a little better, too, from Clemson.”

When Boulware went to get a tattoo commemorating the championship, there was only one logical place to get it. 

It’s tough to find where Howard’s criticism originated from, but Boulware appears to have gotten the quote from this Clemson message board thread that was posted on the morning of the Tigers’ 54–0 win over Syracuse. Boulware led the team with seven tackles that day. 

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