Watch: Chris Rock’s epic monologue on lack of MLB African-Americans

Warning: The video above contains expletives.

The decline of African-American players in Major League Baseball has been a hot-button topic for a few years.

In 2014, just 8.3 percent of big-league players were African-American.

Comedian Chris Rock took on this matter in a hilarious, yet poignant seven-minute monologue for the latest edition of HBO’s "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel."

Rock managed to explain his concerns while also dropping gems like this:

"Baseball isn’t 20 percent black anymore. It’s eight percent and falling fast. That’s an average of two guys per team and those two probably listen to Blake Shelton to keep from getting their ass kicked by their teammates."

More from Rock:

"Baseball doesn’t just have rules from another time. It has an old-fashion code, too. When you score in football or basketball, the players celebrate. Good times, come on! When you score in baseball, the code says, ‘Better not look too happy about it or else a baseball will go whizzing by your head.’"

You can watch Rock’s full, unfiltered take above.