Watch: Bo Jackson schools LaRoche’s son on his career: ‘You ever heard of the Heisman?’

Chicago White Sox first baseman Adam LaRoche’s 12-year-old son Drake basically gets to live every little leaguer’s (and many adult baseball fans’) dream. 

Each year for the past several seasons Drake has joined his father, a 12-year Major League Baseball veteran, at spring training, and not strictly for fun either. LaRoche considers the experience educational. Drake has some schoolwork to do, but conversations like this one (above) with sports legend Bo Jackson are also part of Drake’s schooling.  

“We’re not big on school,” LaRoche told The Washington Post during 2014 spring training with the Nationals. "I told my wife, ‘He’s going to learn a lot more useful information in the clubhouse than he will in the classroom, as far as life lessons.’"

Watch as Jackson tells Drake tells about his career in both baseball and football.

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