Actor Garlin says Cubs’ Maddon will be on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’*

Jeff Garlin is a Joe Maddon superfan.

We have an asterisk on the headline because the future of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is unknown, but if it ever returns, Cubs manager Joe Maddon will be on an episode in some way if one of the stars has his way.

Cubs fan and comedian Jeff Garlin appeared with Maddon for his Thursday session with the media before a game against the Padres. Larry David’s sidekick promised that if "Curb" comes back, the skipper will have a role, even if he’s just walking around in the background while in uniform.

Garlin also joined the media in peppering Maddon with pregame questions, including, "What it’s like to be better looking than all your players?"

Maddon didn’t miss a beat, saying, "You know, it’s a curse. It’s difficult. But I try to downplay it."

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