Hornets bring back ‘Double Dare’ at halftime for ‘Nick Nite’ nostalgia fest

No expense or obstacle was spared at the Hornets' 'Nick Nite.'

The Charlotte Hornets hosted a blast-from-the-past "Nick Nite" on Tuesday and initially we didn’t realize the extent of their commitment to Nickelodeon nostalgia.

The team made some pretty sweet "Rugrats"-themed gear, brought actual Rugrats characters into the arena and slimed a bunch of fans.

Check out a clip of the action then go watch the full video here. They even flew in Kel Mitchell (of "Kenan & Kel") to co-host:

I remember once upon a time circa 1991, as a young boy, sitting in the audience at a "Double Dare" taping desperately waiting to dive into a pit of messiness. Alas, it wasn’t mean to be.