Wednesday’s Hot Clicks: Victoria Elise; Charles Barkley and Shaq feud gets a little too personal

Kyrie Irving played a perfect a second half in leading the Cavs to a comeback win over the Celtics. Also of note: J.R. Smith took his daughter home from hospital for first time (she was born five months premature) … LeBron bricked an open dunk and Twitter went crazy … This Cavs-Warriors fan is very conflicted … Tyronn Lue joked with the reporter LeBron called out after Game 3 ... Charles Barkley and Shaq went at it on the TNT postgame show and things got personal very quickly.

Roger “worst person in the world” Goodell tried to take credit for reinstating touchdown celebrations and Jimmy rightfully went off on him for doing so. However, this is still good news for NFL fans and we celebrated with a look at 10 touchdown celebrations that are now legal. The “CPR on football” is my favorite.

Filming is set to begin next year. This is not a joke.

Victoria Elise is a UNLV college student who is starring in Quiz Zilla‘s new video I Still Have Faith. I’m not going to lie. I’d never heard of Quiz Zilla until 10 minutes ago, but I’m a fan of anyone who features Victoria in his video. She is today’s LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

Granted it’s all luck but this is where to sit if you want a souvenir.

A penguin who got ‘dumped’ by his girlfriend is now in love with a cardboard cartoon girl.

We’ve got something for the dad who loves food and beer, and another for those who prefer style and fashion.

Taco Bell is giving away free tacos during the NBA Finals … A history of LeBron James confronting heckling fans … I’m enjoying the Jay Mariotti-Scott Van Pelt feudCliff Robinson really likes his pot … Seems like Sheldon Richardson really disliked Brandon Marshall last season … Anyone have some extra money to fund another Major League movie … Elton John has some opinions about today’s musicians … This four-year-old got his wish for a Mrs. Doubtfire-themed birthday party.

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