Cam Newton crash site gets new ‘oversized’ stop sign

The damaged truck driven by Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton near Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C.

Skip Foreman/AP

Maybe this qualifies as star treatment but there’s a public safety benefit: the Charlotte Department of Transportation has installed an "oversized" stop sign at the intersection where Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton fractured his back when his truck overturned in a two-car crash on Dec. 9 of last year.

Here’s a before picture of the intersection followed by the after with the "oversized" new sign.

Also with an eye toward reducing the risk of accidents at the dangerous intersection, The Charlotte Observer reports that the city has installed a new sign on South Church Street that warns drivers of the impending intersection with West Hill Street.

The Observer reports that as many as 15 motorists have been injured in wrecks there, explaining that "the intersection is tricky because West Hill Street does not intersect with South Church Street at a right angle" and that "some cars on West Hill Street are preparing to enter the access road to I-277, where they will drive at high speeds."

Newton managed to return to practice only eight days after suffering two fractures in his lower back in the accident.


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