Carmelo Anthony destroys mean fan on Twitter

If you’ve ever checked out the social media website Twitter then you know some people can be really mean on said website.

You know, those people who shoot out tweets to famous people with messages that they’d never dare say to them in person?

I know, I know. It happens. And it’s sad.

What isn’t sad? When the famous person responds to the mean tweet and calls that person out.

That’s what Knicks star Carmelo Anthony did Tuesday and boy was it fun.

It started off, as it usually does, with a famous person (‘Melo) tweeting out something nice:

Then a mean person responded in a mean way:

Well, ‘Melo saw that and shot of this awesome tweet:

So what did the mean person do? He sent out some sad/stunned tweets about the whole ordeal.

So there you go. If you wouldn’t say it to their face in public don’t tweet it out. It’s that simple, folks.