Watch: Buffalo Bills fan attempts flying finisher on Patriots dummy, KO’s himself

Buffalo Bills fans are off to a record-breaking season so far for viral tailgating self-injury moments. Not to be outdone by the previous weekend’s dizzy bat truck smash victim, a fan wearing a LeSean McCoy jersey funneled a beer and launched himself in the air RKO-style (Randy Orton’s jumping cutter finisher) using a dummy with a Patriots jersey as his target.

It didn’t go so well. The fan’s form looks decent as he got some nice beer-enhanced air, only he jumped a bit too far. The move was doomed anyway because the non-sentient dummy was weighted to the ground and couldn’t aid the move like a normal wrestler.

As many have pointed out, the fan’s attempt to RKO the dummy is indeed a metaphor for the Bills’ effort in a 40-32 loss to the Patriots.

The Bills next play at home on Oct. 4 against the Giants, leaving fans ample time to come up with new and creative ways to injure but not permanently disfigure themselves at tailgates. Blindfolded wheelbarrow racing, perhaps?

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