Throwback Wednesday: Nats’ Harper, Rangers rookie Gallo as Little League teammates

It’s been a pretty good month for Nevada-native former Little League teammates Bryce Harper and Texas Rangers top prospect Joey Gallo, who came a triple shy of a cycle and drove in four runs in his MLB debut Tuesday. Meanwhile Harper continues to rake in the National League with a league-leading 18 homers and is tied for second with 44 RBI.  

"I definitely did not think this was going to happen the first game," third baseman Gallo told reporters after Tuesday’s performance. "I was just going to be happy to get on base the first game, so I definitely over-achieved my goals there."

Gallo was called up by the Rangers to fill in for the injured Adrian Beltre.

Anyhow, here’s the throwback:

Harper is one year and one month older than Gallo, and both bat lefty, but throw right-handed.

Not that Little League teams pay attention to lefty/righty matchups but right-handed hurlers must have experienced some real hell circa 2000 against that Harper/Gallo lineup.  

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