Brock Holt jokes about getting wrecked by Pedroia in infield collision

Brock Holt gets dropped by Dustin Pedroia in Toronto.

During the ninth inning of Monday’s Red Sox-Blue Jays game, Boston rookie utilityman Brock Holt came streaking behind second base in pursuit of a Jose Reyes grounder while Dustin Pedroia sprinted toward the same ball from the opposite direction, with equal speed. 


Both players attempted to halt before contact, but they smashed into each other anyway, with Holt taking the brunt of the impact in the form of an elbow shot to the side of the head. (Video available here; it’s not embeddable).

Here’s what Holt’s locker looks like on Tuesday with a close-up of the Toronto Sun photo below. Holt wrote on Instagram, "Winner by KO and new heavyweight champion of the world…not me. 0-1. #forearmshiver." It’s not clear whether a teammate posted the photo or Holt himself, but I’m guessing the former.

“Little cuckoo. I’ve got some birds flying around the head,” Holt told NESN’s Gary Striewski after the game about how he was feeling. “The little guy packs a mean punch, so my ear feels like it’s this big. But I’ll be all right.”

Holt stayed in the game and actually scored the winning run in the 10th inning. 

There aren’t a lot of opportunities to post about major collisions occuring away from the bag on the path between first and second base, so let’s recall this classic: