Brian Urlacher shows off full head of hair after procedure, looks less terrifying (VIDEO)

That’s no more. In an appearance Tuesday morning on Chicago’s WGN News, the Bears legend debuted his new, medically-restored, full head of hair, which he hid beneath a hat for the past four months. You ready for this? Watch:

Apparently, Urlacher has become a spokesperson for RESTORE, the hair transplant facility that turned a once-vicious linebacker into a friendly neighborhood insurance salesman.

Urlacher said he underwent the procedure last November but the seeds from the back of his own head only blossomed into follicle glory about four months ago. The eight-time Pro Bowler also said he anticipates a possible backlash from the bald community. 

It would be silly to give Urlacher a hard time for turning in his bald card. To each his own, although he may decide to shave it all again after growing tired of combing and shampooing that hair.

Carlos Boozer