How to talk trash like the incredible Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali might have been the greatest trash talker of all time.

His tactics were impeccable.

Follow along.

1. Like any good trash talker, Ali defined the stakes and told the chump what was about to happen.

2. He wanted opponents to believe he was unlike any other human and maybe a little crazy.

3. Scratch that. He wanted opponents to believe he was actually insane (always a plus during mind games).

4. Ali was also lethal, something nobody could deny.

5. He’d get personal if he had to.

6. But only because that’s part of the trash talk game.

7. Ali left no room for error, doubling down on bravado and increasing the pressure on opponents to prove him wrong.

8. Sometimes that even meant convincing himself to believe the hype.

9. When the verbal knockout finally arrived, nobody delivered it better than Ali.

10. But regardless of what was said, Ali believed this: It’s just business, and the best man wins.

(h/t Google Images, Imgur)

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