Bode Miller in custody battle over infant son

A short-live romance has led to a custody battle for US ski star Bode Miller.


Bode Miller lost temporary custody of his infant son Monday, but holds out hope he’ll get permission to bring the 9-month-old to Sochi in February for the Winter Olympics.

A Manhattan family court ordered the champion skier and five-time Olympic medalist to hand over Samuel Bode Miller McKenna to Sara McKenna, whom Miller briefly dated last year in California.

McKenna lost custody in September when a court ruled she should not have left California while pregnant, but an appeals court overturned that decision last month, leading to Monday’s reunion.

The reunion was emotional for mother and son, according to the New York Post, which says McKenna told Samuel "I missed you!" The tyke then reportedly grabbed her hair and said "Ma ma."

"I’m happy to have him back now. He’s got a tooth and he can crawl. I didn’€™t know," McKenna went on to say.

Monday’s ruling gives McKenna custody until at least Dec. 9, the next court date for the pair in the ongoing battle.

Speaking of battles, not only can they not agree on custody, but they can’t even agree on a name — with Miller calling him Nathaniel.