Bo Pelini says marijuana is ‘out of control’ in society

Bo Pelini calls marijuana use in college 'a horrible problem.'

Eric Francis/Getty Images

During a Friday morning breakfast chat about Husker football and related topics, cat-loving Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini drifted into a lecture about the ills of marijuana.

According to, Pelini had spent some time discussing challenges facing modern coaches, and what they deal with concerning players, families and backgrounds, when he was asked to elaborate. Pelini said:

Meanwhile, the majority of of America thinks that marijuana should be legal and that laws are what really need fixing. Of course, the majority of America does not coach a major college football program.

Anyhow, with soundbites like these, the humorous Pelini, who blew up the Internet in April when he entered a spring game with his cat, has become a sort-of Big Ten version of his colorful former LSU colleague Les Miles. Incidentally, Les Miles LOVES grass.