Billboard in Buffalo takes shot at Tom Brady

It feels like we’ve gone a few days without anybody using a billboard to talk trash.

Don’t worry, folks. We now have another one.

And we have the official car dealership of the Buffalo Bills to thank for this development:

See what they did there? Tom Brady wears Uggs. People on Twitter seem torn on Brady’s footwear.

While this is a better attempt at humor than that made by a Philadelphia radio station earlier this week, we’re not completely sold on this billboard trash talk.

They would have gained some points if they put it up near Gillette Stadium instead of in upstate New York. There’s no way Brady will see this before Sunday’s matchup in Foxborough, Ma.

And even if he did see it we’re guessing he would laugh it off, throw five TD passes, and go looking for a high five or two.

(GIF via BuzzFeed Sports)