Even Bill Belichick watches Monday Night Football because he has nothing better to do

Judging by the declining ratings for the NFL’s three weekly primetime games, football has taken a back seat to several other things on Monday nights. That goes for fans of the game, and it also seems to go for coaches, too.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick says he’ll be watching the Bills take on the Seahawks on Monday, but only because of a “unique situation,” which is that he has no more work to do. So, yes, there is literally nothing better that he could be doing.

“Were pretty far ahead on Seattle. We’ve had a chance to work on them all week, done all their games up through the Saints game [in Week 8], so there’s no more to do, and there won’t be any more to do until Monday night,” Belichick said, according to ESPN. “I think Monday night will be a good opportunity to kind of take a look at the game against Buffalo with a little bit of a blank slate.”

The Patriots already played the Bills last week, and have scouted the Seahawks all the way through this week, so this is the only way that Monday Night Football could possibly be the best use of the staff’s time.

So, in a way, you might be just like Bill Belichick, where MNF is your absolute last resort on Mondays.

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