Halley’s compliment: Patriots players never forget Belichick’s rare moments of praise

Halley's complement: Patriots coach Belichick talks to defenders Rob Ninkovich (50) and Andre Carter (seated) in 2011. A Belichick 'good job' comes about as often as Halley's comet. 

Boston Globe/Boston Globe via Getty Images

Unlike the collegiate ranks, where players in some programs become accustomed to a trickle of helmet decals awarded for good plays, praise can be hard to come by in the NFL. Particularly in Foxborough, Massachusetts. 

In New England, having a roster spot is considered a compliment in and of itself. Do your job, collect the paycheck, win 10-plus games and a playoffs berth. Rinse and repeat.

In fact, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick doles out compliments so rarely that players can recall exactly when and where they were when they received one.

Check out the full story for other players’ recollections of their Belichick brush with glory. 

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