Know your boundaries: Latest act in Beltre-Andrus best friend series

Texas' Adrian Beltre (right) is congratulated by Elvis Andrus after hitting a solo homer on July 18, 2014. 

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Baseball playing best friends Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus delivered another installment Monday night in their ongoing series about love and anger between best friends.

In this episode, the third baseman and shortstop banter about territory and responsibilities on the right side of the infield.

I struggle to comprehend how a book editor has not turned Andrus and Beltre into an educational book series in a world where Terrell Owens and Tiki Barber have had children’s books published.

Anyhow, if you’re not familiar with the Beltre-Andrus friendship series (for shame), please check out this clip.